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Fun Facts

Picture of the webb city cardinal riding a comet

This mural, which used to be on the west cafeteria wall of the old elementary building, was painted by former Webb City High School art teacher John Fitzgibbon. When the elementary school was torn down in June of 2007, the mural, unfortunately, went with it. The mural represented the merge of the Carterville School District (the Comets) with the Webb City School District (the Cardinals) in 1968.


drawing of a tornado

In 1883, a tornado hit the west end of Carterville destroying the Washington schoolhouse that was located near the corner of Fountain and Main Street. Many businesses and homes were also destroyed. A new two-story, four-room, wood-frame schoolhouse was built on East Hall Street, the site of the current school. This new school was named Central School. In 1905, a newer brick Central School was built on the same location.



The solid wood table and four chairs that are in the library media center are originally from the old Carterville School library. It is a standing rule, one passed down from librarian to librarian, that the table and chairs have to remain in the library. 


concrete block in front of the school

The large block of concrete near the front entrance of the school used to be part of the water shed for drinking water at the 1905 Central School building. Two large barrels were filled daily and the tin cups were attached to a chain so they could be dipped into the water barrel without dropping the cup into the barrel or onto the ground. The concrete block was saved when the 1905 building was torn down in 1972, and then was carefully moved out of the way of the heavy equipment when the 60's era building was demolished in 2007. The block was returned to its place of honor at the front entrance of the new school building once construction was complete.

plaque on concrete block


The story of the stone