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Behavior Expectations and Discipline

Behavior Expectations                                                                   ____________ 

        Some of the most important phases of a person’s educational development is that of learning proper behavior, cooperation, respect, and self-discipline.  Without these characteristics, it is difficult for a person to maintain the proper attitude to develop intellectually.  It is the school’s responsibility, as part of the total educational process, to assist the student in the development of these behaviors.  Below are the district-wide rules referred to as the Cardinal Code:

Cardinal Code #1:  I will maintain a safe environment for myself and others.

Cardinal Code #2:  My words must be appropriate

Cardinal Code #3:  I will behave in a manner that is appropriate for being in


Cardinal Code #4:  I will behave in a way that allows the lesson to continue


Cardinal Code #5:  I will interact positively with adults and peers.

Cardinal Code #6:  I will show respect for my property, school property and

               property of others.

        The following guidelines have been established so that the student will know what is considered inappropriate behavior.

        Students are NOT allowed to:

  • Fight

  • Bully other students, including name calling

  • Run in the halls, restrooms or classrooms

  • Throw things such as rocks, etc.

  • Use profanity, make rude or discourteous comments

  • Deface school property

  • Leave the school grounds without permission

  • Use or possess tobacco in any manner

  • Take other’s property, trade articles, etc.

  • Linger in the restroom

  • Chew gum

  • Use of personal electronic devices or trading cards of any kind

  • Display insubordination

Discipline                                                                    __________________________ 

In the process of learning acceptable behavior it becomes necessary to impose consequences for inappropriate behavior.  The following methods will be used:

  • In school detention

  • After school detention

  • Taking away part or all of recess

  • Extra writing assignments

  • Calling parents and working out a problem

  • Corporal punishment according to Board Policy.  If this is against your philosophy, you will need to notify the principal in writing.

  • Suspension for severe or repeated misconduct