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Drug Free Policy

  1. Drug Free Policy                                                                 ____________________

            The Webb City School District is committed to the goal of a drug free school environment for its students.  The use and abuse of illegal drugs and/or alcohol is not normally associated with elementary age students and it is hoped that it will never be a problem in the R-7 School District.

            The district has taken a strong stand by adopting the following mandatory policy that applies to all students:

            The use of illegal drugs and alcohol is deemed to be wrong and harmful.  The unlawful use, possession, distribution, transfer, and/or sale of alcohol, narcotic or noxious substances, counterfeit drugs, depressants, drug paraphernalia, stimulants, prescription medication, or hallucinogens of any type in any school facility, on any school property, or in conjunction with any school sponsored activity is expressly prohibited.  Controlled substances will be confiscated and offenders will be subject to legal prosecution.


            First Offense:         10 day suspension

            Second Offense:       Procedures will be initiated to expel the student, as a

                    minimum, for the remainder of the semester.

            We ask that all parents assist the School District by reinforcing the importance of maintaining a drug free school environment.