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Health and Medication Policy

  1. Health                                                                                   _______________________ 

            Communicable Diseases  The following list is a guide as to the length of exclusion from school for the more common communicable diseases.

    • Chicken Pox: May return to school when all lesions are crusted, generally day 6 after onset of rash.

    • Mumps: Isolation - 9 days from onset of swelling; less if swelling has subsided.

    • German Measles: (3 day): Isolation, at least 4 days after onset of rash.

    • Measles: From diagnosis until 7 days after appearance of rash.

    • Head Lice: Children who have head lice or who have been treated but still have eggs or nits will not be allowed to stay in school.  Parents of students who have head lice will receive written notification from the school nurse and will be required to pick up their child.  Parents are required to accompany the child for a head recheck the following day.  Students will not be permitted to return to class unless the nurse indicates to the teacher that (s)he is clear.

            The school nurse may exclude children from school for the following: Pediculus (head lice), Ringworm, Pink Eye, Impetigo, and an oral temperature of 100 degrees or above.

            Illness and Accidents  In case of an accident or illness, the parent will be notified as quickly as possible.  Minor injuries and illnesses may be attended to by the secretary, with anything questionable being reported to the school nurse.  Anything other than a minor injury will be reported to the school nurse immediately.

            It is very important that you keep the school informed of your current address and telephone number.  TWO emergency numbers must be listed on your child’s enrollment card.  If you do not have a telephone, please make arrangements with a relative or neighbor to contact you if you are needed at school.

            It is very frightening for a child to be hurt or sick.  This fear increases when the parent cannot be located.

    Biting   Episodes of biting and students who exhibit repeated instances of significant aggressive behavior will be reported to the principal, with possible expulsion from class.

            Non-Participation  In order for a child to be allowed to remain inside during the recess period, the parent must inform the school in writing.

    Medication Policy                                                                 ______________         

    Please try to arrange for your child’s medication to be given before or after school.  It will only be given at school if these rules are followed:

    • Medication arrives at school in original container.  Prescription medication must be in prescription bottle and properly labeled.

    • Signed note from parent or guardian stating name of student, date, name and dose of medication, time to be given and purpose.

    • The child's physician must provide the school with a written request that the student be given medication during school hours if the medication needs to be taken long term (longer than two weeks).

    • Herbal and naturopathic substances will not be administered by school personnel due to an absence of safety parameters.

            All medication and parent permission notes will be turned in and dispensed from the principal’s office.  The school will provide no medication to students.