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Requirements for Enrollment

Requirements for Enrollment                                             _______________

        Birth Certificate- Each child is required to furnish a state issued birth certificate for proof of age.  If the parent does not have a birth certificate for the child, one may be secured by writing to the Bureau of Vital Statistics at the State Capitol Building of the state wherein the child was born or one may be obtained from the Jasper County Health Department for $15.00 for the State of Missouri.

        Social Security Number- The child’s social security number is required.

        Immunization Requirements- Missouri State Law states "Students will not be  allowed to attend school at all without the proper immunizations or exemptions."

        Immunizations are given free at the Jasper County Health Department.

Call (toll-free) 1-877-879-9131 for an appointment.

        Proof of Residency- Webb City R-7 School District provides educational service only to those students who are eligible as defined by law.  Proof of residency of the parent or the court appointed legal guardian must be provided.  Proof of residency is determined by the ability to provide a utility bill in the name of the parent or legal guardian or other documentation acceptable to the School District.

        All questionable residency issues will be referred to the Superintendent of Schools.