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Student Directory Information

Student Directory Information                                             _________

Release of Student Information

It is the belief of the Webb City R-7 School District that every effort should be made to protect the safety, security and privacy of all students served.  To that end every effort will be made to not disclose personally identifiable information relative any student without authorization from the one authorized to make that decision; a court order or other legal mandate(s).

Certain directory information, however, will be released unless the school district is notified to the contrary:

Names and pictures of students in conjunction with participation in officially recognized activities and sports, information relative to the student’s weight, height (in appropriate athletic programs) and grade level, degrees, honors and awards received; the names of parents in conjunction with recognition of student performance, degrees, honors, and awards received.

Additionally, under Section 9528 of the Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, student’s names, addresses and telephones must be made accessible to a military recruiter and/or institutions of higher education (post-secondary education institutions) unless the school district is notified to the contrary.  Under the Federal Family Rights and Privacy Act, parents may opt out of this requirement.  Any parent, or student eighteen years of age or older, may notify the school of their desire to opt out of this requirement such directory information will not be made available to the military recruiter and.or institutions of higher educations (post-secondary educational institutions).

Notifications shall state the name of the student, date of student’s birth, date submitted and original signature of person making the request.