School Lunch Manners sign

Lunch Procedure

Entering the cafeteria:

1. Leave all books, classwork, and toys on the floor near the cafeteria door.

2. If you brought your lunch and don't need to buy a milk, go sit down at the third row of tables.  Don't go through the tray line.

3. If you are getting a tray or need to buy a milk, stand on the blue line, keep your hands and feet to yourself, and use a quiet voice.

4. Coats and jackets need to be worn or tied securely around your waist before you get your tray.

5. Do not bend or chew on your lunch card.

6. If you forgot your lunch card, you must wait at the cafeteria doors and be last in line. Never go back to class to get your card.

Getting your tray:

1. Wait patiently at the IN Door if the tray area is too crowded. Have your lunch card in your hand. (if you forgot your card, go to the end of the line)

2. Get your milk and your silverware, then pick up a tray. Put your lunch card on the tray between your milk carton and silverware. Do not put it under your milk.

3. Always carry your tray with both hands and keep it flat so you don't spill your food. 

4. Don't rush to get in front of the other kids after you get your tray. Be considerate and stay in line.

5. At the OUT Door, stop at the red line, put your tray down on the table, hand your lunch card to the Lunch Clerk, and tell her what kind of milk(s) you have. (white, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or soy) Wait patiently at the red line until the Lunch Clerk says it's ok to go sit down. (she has to look at your tray to make sure you have everything on it)

6. Use walking feet, keep your eyes forward, and follow the person in front of you to the tables.

7. Sit three to a bench. 

Eating your lunch:

1. Talk quietly and stay in your seat.  

2. Do not share food.

3. Do not throw food or trash.

4. Do not play with anything on your tray. (silverware, straw, etc.)

5. If you need a drink from the water fountain or need to use the restroom, raise your hand and ask.

6. If you drop something on the floor, pick it up. If you spill something, wipe it up. (there are rags you can use-just raise your hand and ask)

If your family brings you lunch:

1. You can sit with your family at the very last table near the multi-purpose room and cafeteria doors. You do not have to go through the lunch line unless you are getting a tray or milk.

2. You are allowed to have one friend sit with you, if you want.

3. You cannot share any of your food with your friend. If your family wants to bring your friend food or drink, too, your friend's parent has to call the school before lunch starts or send a note that day to say it's ok. 

Putting your tray away:

1. When lunch is over, an adult will give the quiet hand signal (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) By 1, you should have your hand up and your voice off.

2. Listen to any special instructions and get your tray ready. Place all of your paper trash in one spot on your tray. Your fork and spoon should be in their special place, too.

3. Once your tray is ready, put your head down and wait quietly to be dismissed by an adult. Coats and jackets need to be worn or tied securely around your waist before you carry your tray.

4. Use walking feet and stay in line. Keep your eyes forward so you don't bump into someone and spill your tray.  

5. Place your milk carton and/or paper trash in the trash can. (do NOT dump your tray or throw your trash from a distance!) 

6. Stay in line and wait your turn to put your tray/silverware up at the window. Do not stack or shove the trays!

7. Kindergarten & 1st Grade
          Follow the blue line around to the main hallway doors. Use walking feet and stand quietly in line. A recess teacher will come get you and lead you to recess.

2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grade
        OUTDOOR RECESS: Use walking feet and a quiet voice all the way out through the west side cafeteria door to the back playground. 
              INDOOR RECESS: Wait quietly in line at the doors to the main hallway. A recess teacher will come get you.