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When a Child Should NOT Attend School

A child should not attend school if:

-An unidentifiable rash is present that has not been evaluated by a doctor. 

-There are open sores (ringworm, impetigo, etc.) which have not been treated. 

-One or both eyes are red, itching, and/or have crusts on eyelids as these are signs of conjunctivitis (pink eye) and should be evaluated by a physician. 

     In above cases, a child may return to school after being treated for 24 hours, with a doctor's note stating the child is not contagious or when symptoms are gone. 

-A temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or above is present. Student should be fever free without medication for 24 hours before returning to school.

-Child is vomiting or diarrhea. 

-There are signs of head lice. 

The school nurse may exclude children from school for the following: 

-Temperature of 100.4 degrees F or above

-Head lice


-Pink Eye


-An unidentified rash

-Uncontained body fluids (urine, stool, or draining wound)